• World WAQF Foundation (WWF)

    ( Ongoing Project )

    in cooperation with Islamic Development Bank “IsDB” – Jeddah

    Nohoudh participates in the foundation of the World Waqf Authority through the participation of the Islamic Development Bank in a number of research projects in the said Authority, which was established by the Bank in recognition of the endowments and the role they play in Islamic societies; hence was the decision to establish the General Authority of Endowments in the month of Sha’aban 1420H./ November 2000C., to achieve several objectives, the most prominent of which is establishing a network of endowment institutions that undertake charity works consistent with the provisions and principles of the tolerant Sharia, in addition to caring for and supporting endowment authorities, coordinating their work, providing the necessary experiences to operate them, establish and support the institutions and programs in the academic, health and social fields, in addition to helping in the fight against poverty and assisting member states in the Islamic Development Bank to issue integrated laws in the field of endowments.

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