Nohoudh Endowment Purposes and Objectives

Mainly, Nohoudh Endowment targets human development, being the main engine for the overall development and to overcome the causes of underdevelopment and obstacles to human development, through an integrated vision that avoids fragmenting the issues of development, in order to achieve its objectives, Nohoudh Endowment seeks to fulfill its role in supporting the platforms and yards of though, dialogue, multiple interaction and mutual learning.

Nohoudh seeks to contribute to the development of intellectual and developmental discourse developmental by driving it to new prospects and spaces, in addition to focusing on the principle of dialogue and interaction between diverse intellectual discourses, no matter how varied and diverse in their implications, in addition to avoiding unilateralism in dealing with issues, in light of the evolution of life and the complexity of intellectual and cultural relations.

Nohoudh Endowment, in the implementation of these objectives and policies, resorts several tools, most notably:

Reviving the role of endowment in the field of revitalization of research and studies and authenticating the scientific research approach in interacting with contemporary issues facing the movement of development, through:

  • Creating and supporting research centers and institutions specialized in conducting humanitarian, social and developmental studies.
  • Publishing research and academic publications to enrich the Arabic library.
  • Holding seminars.
  • Establishing scientific cooperation relationships with specialists, scientific centers, and universities.

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