• Arab Cognitive Production on Ibn Khaldun's Thought

    ( Ongoing Project )

    Believing in the great importance of the scientific status occupied by the ideas and theories of the thinker Ibn Khaldun, this is evidenced by the many conferences and seminars that have been written about him, but despite this huge scientific accumulation there is no comprehensive encyclopedia in our Arab or human library that represents a guide for researchers and future generations about history of this great thinker frames and reviews what he wrote about his Thought and production.

    Believing in the importance of this project, Nohoudh Endowment for Developments studies initiated to create Arabic encyclopedia that includes the most important books on ibn Khaldun’s thought and theories in Arabic with the aim of providing a reliable scientific source for researchers, intellectuals, and scientists on the thought of this thinker by reviewing the most prominent literatures, theses, studies, and scientific seminars. From leading Arab academics, scholars and intellectuals and its influence on this day on the scene, especially in sociology, philosophy, history, Islamic sharia, and political science.

    this encyclopedia aims to serve as a guide not only to present bibliography and indexing, but also to present a comprehensive encyclopedia that reviews the most prominent of ibn Khaldun, which is estimated at 550 studies with a presentation Summary – without criticism or evaluation – about each book, thesis, research, symposium or conference.

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