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    ( Ongoing Project )

    Pursuant to Article IV of the GCC Statute, and stemming from the importance of the GCC itself in terms of location, resources and the possibilities of achieving a comprehensive and humanitarian development within a democratic and unified entity, such opportunities, which are the basis for the security of the region’s communities and the future of successive generations therein, face obstacles to remedying the chronic imbalance and start the process of development; which rendered the policies of the GCC’s s and its member states unable to overcome the dangerous crossroads they stuck in, shaking their positions and threatening the future of their societies.

    Based on this fact, Nohoudh contributed in the establishment of an the Gulf Endowment and Centre for Development Policy in response to the need for competent, focused and continuous scientific efforts community sustained concerns, focusing on identifying and monitoring major aspects of imbalances, in addition to spotting reform and development policies and assessing the performance of the GCC and its member states. For establishing this scientific organization, “Nohoudh Endowment” in Kuwait agreed with the “Arab School for Research and Studies” project in Qatar to establish the “Gulf Endowment and Centre for Development of Policies”, which Board of Trustees is constituted of Dr. Ali Al Kuwari, Dr. Ali Al Zumai, Dr. Jassem Al Saadoun and Dr. Fahad Al Zumai.

    For the most prominent published studies, please visit the website of the Gulf Centre for Development Studies

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