• Research Priorities in Islamic Studies workshop

    ( Ongoing Project )

    the American University of Beirut “AUB”
    Nohoudh Center for Studies and Research
    organized workshop entitled “Research priorities in Islamic studies”, in collaboration with the Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Media Studies the American University of Beirut “AUB”, On 9-10 February 2019.

    The Workshop Introducing:

    Arab production in the field of Islamic sciences suffers from weakness and fragility at the level of method and content. It is remarkable that many innovative attempts have come from outside the field of traditional Islamic sciences, while studies circulating in Sharia institutes and colleges continue to operate from within the traditional format with some partial transgressions.

    This differentiation has raised a great controversy that raises a fundamental question about the reasons for the traditionality of the knowledge product within the field of Islamic sciences, and why did the attempts of renewal not succeed in providing critical knowledge contributions at the level of content and method that go beyond the limitations of advocacy and polemic purposes?

    The previous diagnosis of the state of Islamic knowledge prompted Nohoudh Center for Studies and Research to hold a workshop in cooperation with the American University of Beirut entitled “Research priorities in Islamic studies” with the aim of discussing the current status of Islamic sciences and identifying research priorities and renewal paths by specialists in its various branches.

    The organization of this workshop stems from the keenness of Nohoudh Center for Studies and Research to renew the consideration of the field of Islamic studies, present a critical approach and develop Islamic knowledge to be current in its present and faithful to its history and the responsibility of bearing the scientific trust.

    To know more about workshop please visit AUB events website

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