• Nohoudh Center for Studies and Research - Beirut

    ( Ongoing Project )

    Nohoudh Center for Studies and Research is a research center concerned with issues of thought and reality and supports the Arab cultural arena with solid research treatments to renew historical, political, social and religious considerations, in order to serve the desired cause of “renaissance.”

    The center seeks to expand the space for free dialogue and deepen serious intellectual discussions, committed to the ethics of human difference and the values of sober scientific research. He strives to solve the issues and questions of the civilizational renaissance and work to answer them, investing in the latest developments in scientific and social knowledge, in a way that connects the contents of revelation and the perceptions of the human sciences, and ensures the creative interaction between them.

    For more information about the center, its activities and publications, please visit Nohoudh Center for Studies and Research website

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