• The project to renew research methods in Islamic sciences

    ( Completed Project )


    Given the importance of the issue of the curriculum in building and developing science, and in view of the reality of Islamic knowledge today, and its need for positive interaction with the developments of life, and given the importance of methodological development and its role in achieving the link between theoretical knowledge and the reality of society, Nohoudh Endowment for Development studies, represented by The Nohoudh Center for Studies and Research organized a workshop entitled: “Renewing Research Methods in Islamic Sciences”, in Marrakesh – Kingdom of Morocco – in 2016.

    This workshop aimed to contribute to a review of the concepts related to the question of systematic renewal and the extent to which our intellectual and societal reality needs renewal, in addition to searching for scientific projects through which we can address the flaws in research methods in Islamic sciences and create a scientific environment that boldly discusses the flaws in the structure of Islamic knowledge and what this boldness requires in terms of criticism and self-criticism, and acceptance of difference in order to consolidate the culture of schools and exchange views among scholars Multidisciplinary.

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